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I am looking to apply 70% off on shipping cost in magento.

It applies to all products, just for 2 day promotion of my store. But I can't find the option to give this off shipping costs.

How can I just create a general coupon code that gives a discount on shipping?

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Navigate to Admin -> Promotions -> Shopping Cart Price Rule, from there fill in the fields as needed. When you get to the "Action" tab:

  • Apply: Percent of Product Price Discount
  • Discount Amount: The % off you want (just the number), e.g. 50
  • Apply to Shipping Amount: Yes (this targets the shipping)

Now you want to make sure you don't target any products with the discount, so continue on the "Action" tab in the "Apply the rule only to cart items matching the following conditions" section, create a rule that applies to none of your products (e.g. SKU is Blank).

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