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How is it possible to use Wordpress theme with Magento?

What are the options we have?

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This plugin allows you to “render” any Magento block inside of your WordPress theme

Very very cool.

Features includes:

Select which Magento blocks get output on your WordPress theme.
Works with any WordPress theme or plugin.
Cool Add-on extensions:
-- MWI Magento-WordPress single sign on
-- MWI – Magento shortcodes for WordPress – allows you to insert products, layout blocks, and static blocks inside posts or pages
-- MWI – Magento category lists for WordPress – allows you to output a paginated category result inside posts or pages


Some assembly required – this extension requires a little development to implement correctly.

We tried out this plugin on a site we built recently, and you can see the results below:


You may not have noticed, but the first link is a Magento Page and the second is a WordPress Page. They look nearly identical, with the exception of the page-specific content.

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