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Dear members,

Anyone who is able to help me out, would be much helpful. I have googled much for a solution, but am not able to find any.

Here is a little different (and tough) requirement from one of my client.

They want to encrypt all the user data in the database for enhanced security. I initially thought it is not that complicated, but looking a bit deeper, there a tons of areas which would be effected by this. All the places where the data is displayed, including the grid, text boxes, both on front-end and back-end. The insert/update/select moreover the filters/search/export/import functionalities and any other modules (like mailchimp) which is using the data. All seems to be a real mess.

The most probable solution that I can find is to just forget Magento as a whole and look on the Zend DB engine. From where it supplies/inserts/updates data from tables, if this can be overided we have a chance (to hardcode) atleast.

Any ideas from anyone?

Thanks in advance, and I would certainly post if I get a solution which would be helpful for anyone looking for the same.

Thank you...

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