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I'm trying to update the plugins on a WP website, and it's running incredibly slowly - it's unusable, in fact. It's taken over 6 minutes to update 4 plugins (it should take about 30 seconds) and even just getting from one part of the admin area to another is treacle-slow.

I've done a speed test on my (fibre) broadband connection & it's working fine, so it's not a local issue. I noticed this when I was doing something on the site 2 or 3 weeks ago, but I dismissed it then as being probably a temporary glitch, but it really is unworkable all time, which makes me wonder if there's a real issue that needs checking out?

Any ideas?

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Since the upgrade process is purely done by WP core which no other coding or anything is involved, this is most probably a server problem, if not the internet issue. Please raise a ticket with your hosting, till let you know regarding this. Expect some template response rubbish from them, but it 99% points to a server slowness.

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