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I'm confused of why I am seeing skin image on the WYSIWYG editor? I try to copy paste image in between the stores byt one works but another fails and I what I see is always a "skin image" inside the editor. Can someone shed some light on this irritating problem please?

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If you check the url of the image closely, you should see something like this...​

<p><strong><img alt="traveler cal1" src="{{media url="http://some-direct-link-to-product.png"}}" />​Some description of product</strong></p>

If you use a direct path which is copy-pasted, it could be identifying as a broken image processing the media_url path by the editor.
While it should be actually something like this <p><img alt="ohaus logo" src="{{media url="wysiwyg/some-link-to-product.png"}}" /><br /><br /></p>

To rectify this, in the WYSIWYG editor view client can right-click on the image (or skin image), pick "Insert/Edit image" option from menu. Give the full source in the text box "Image Url". You can upload and add pick the image in the same window here. Giving a direct url in that text box will eliminate the {{media url from the WYSIWYG source.

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