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Getting an irritating strange behaviour on onepagecheckout that needs to be fixed somehow. The thing is, on Step 2, after entering all the data required and while the user clicks on the continue button, the page just scrolls down to the very bottom of the screen and stays there. So basically instead of seeing the next step ie.shipping option, user will be looking at the bottom of the website and have to scroll up to proceed from there. Is there a way to keep the steps focused further the line please? ie.the next step should be visible always instead of guiding the user to the bottom of the page.

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You are not the one having the same problem. And there is a fix for this too!

Edit your checkout/onepage.phtml and add this code below var checkout = new Checkout(....);
checkout.gotoSection = function (section, reloadProgressBlock) {
            Checkout.prototype.gotoSection.call(this, section, reloadProgressBlock);
            $('opc-' + section).scrollTo();

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