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Here is my code

data_retry_timer = myArduino.arduino_timer.setInterval(PIN_DATA_SEND_RETRY_INTERVAL*1500, myArduino.arduino_try_any_pending_server_updates);

which calls a function from my class. But this throws the error

error: invalid use of non-static member function 'void MyArduino::arduino_try_any_pending_server_updates()'

Can anyone solve this for me as I have no idea on what is wrong.


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Ok, so you are trying to call a callback function which should indeed work like this. Wrap that class function to another function like this.

data_retry_timer = myArduino.arduino_timer.setInterval(PIN_DATA_SEND_RETRY_INTERVAL*1500, arduino_try_any_pending_server_updates);

void arduino_try_any_pending_server_updates()

This should work, I have not tested though.

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