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Is there a way that we can send automatic blog posts (wordpress) newsletter automatically from mailchimp? I know we can use the automatic setting with mailchimp scheduled for everyday and if there is a new content mailchimp will process it. But the problem I have is that, I am not able to put a custom design as I like 2 column, 3 column etc... it is basically because the feed is continuous and if taken in mailchimp it strips the html which makes me unable to style and send it through directly from the site feed as html itself.

Ant thoughts on this anyone?

Thanks in advance...

Robert Bose

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Solution for your issue is to make a custom feed with the whole HTML needed for your newsletter and pass it as a feed to the mailchimp. Note that the mailchimp processor will strip the html tags if not instructed not to do so. Passing contents through feed within a CDATA tag would do the trick, which will bypass the mailchimp processor. See below example data that should be passed in the description section of a feed.


Your full custom html (full newsletter html) here...


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