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I am running a WP site for years, and I have lots of images inside /wp-content .. not /wp-content/uploads

These are that of old blogging systems that would upload the images there and links them inside posts.

Is there any plugin that allows to move all those images inside the wordpress Media Library so I can handle it from there, or change the Media Library manage images outside /wp-content/uploads only

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Advance thanks for all support on this.


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Assuming that you need to copy images to your WP media library from other folders on your server.

You can do this with Add From Server plugin.

After installation, go to the Plugin interface and click on Add From Server > Import Files

You can also do this with admin sidebar going to Media > Add From Server.

Using this plugin you can select your folder where your images are located on the server and import the files you want into your media library.

Select all, or as per your preferences and import to library.

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