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I manage a couple of magneto sites. One of which is now turned out really slow to load. I think it's because of the configurable products setup on the site. Server tuning and magneto timing are all done and verified by professionals. Now the server guys have recommended us to upgrade the PHP version on the server to v7 which they think will kill the dead wait issues on pages.

But our developers do not recommend this upgrade as they think Magneto is not yet ready to handshake with PHP7. Can you all give me your inputs on this?

Is magneto have a php7 ready upgrade?

I think the modules also needs php7 support as well?

Affected with some serious sales drop because of this slowness.

Please let me know asap.


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Dear David,

Magento is officially not PHP 7 ready at the time of my reply to you. But there are a couple of fixes available for you to do for your site in order to make it work. Inchoo have developed something here which is for M CE - and reported working on M EE

However the modules will still create some issues I believe.

Here is the link for you to try.


Please use it at your own risk after proper testing. I would recommend to wait a bit longer, little more than official release, by the time the module developers will also make changes to their assets for the big change.

Hope this helps!

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No, it is not yet ready compatible with php7. Waiting for official release. Zend have announced a compatible version, so hopefully this will be Magneto friendly very soon.
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Magneto 2.0 is officially declared as PHP 7 compatible. See the official post here.


And some help for older version as well.

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