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Hi, I'm noob to this framework. Trying new when I get some time in between. Please help me out with the below.

For posting from a form I do the following

$email = $app->request->post('email');

So, how can I post an image into a variable? I mean, how to receive an image from a form?

Please also let me know if any good tutorials are available for this online?

Thanks in advance.

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$app->post('/upload', function ($request, $response, $args) {
    $files = $request->getUploadedFiles();
    if (empty($files['newfile'])) {
        throw new Exception('Expected a newfile');

    $newfile = $files['newfile'];
    // do something with $newfile

To check that there is no error and to move the file to some other location, use this checking:
if ($newfile->getError() === UPLOAD_ERR_OK) {
    $uploadFileName = $newfile->getClientFilename();

There are other useful methods like getClientMediaType() and getSize() also. Please use as per your needs.

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