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As part of my plugin, I would like to show a notification on WordPress admin panel dashboard home. Like this :

Which hook to use ? Please advice.

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These are called dashboard widgets. codex have documentation on this. Here is an example :

 * Add a widget to the dashboard.
 * This function is hooked into the 'wp_dashboard_setup' action below.
function example_add_dashboard_widgets() {

                 'example_dashboard_widget',         // Widget slug.
                 'Example Dashboard Widget',         // Title.
                 'example_dashboard_widget_function' // Display function.
add_action( 'wp_dashboard_setup', 'example_add_dashboard_widgets' );

 * Create the function to output the contents of our Dashboard Widget.
function example_dashboard_widget_function() {

	// Display whatever it is you want to show.
	echo "Hello World, I'm a great Dashboard Widget";

For more check out : https://codex.wordpress.org/Dashboard_Widgets_API
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Great stuff man! Many thanks for this.
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This is sooo Cool !

I had an attempted failed search for this feature build long before.

This is not an answer, but I coudnt resist to leave my comment for this question. Moderators please excuse me or please move this to appropriate section ;)

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