Multiple wishlists in magento community edition

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asked May 17, 2016 in Magento by Dev
Dear all,

I tried googling from morning for a free solution, and its a bit off a stab in the dark.

Can anyone guide me setting up multiple wishlists in Magento community edition please. I'm trying to achieve another special requirement for a client with this functionality.

I understand that multiple wishlist is already a part of Magento EE.

Please help :(



1 Answer

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answered May 17, 2016 by Jane
Hi, Here are some options for you to consider.

Sorry most are paid options, but not that costly.

Here is the first option you can consider, if you can do some updates your won, then this is perfect catch!

Else go with the following options...

Sorry, this is what I can find for you. Options are very less really...


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